Nesaquake Joins the Battle Against Childhood Cancer

Nesaquake Joins the Battle Against Childhood Cancer photo
Nesaquake Middle School is doing its part to help fight the battle against childhood cancer. In recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September, the school participated in a number of fundraising and awareness efforts.

To kick off the fundraising efforts, the middle school’s sports teams “laced up” to fight cancer, sporting gold laces during their athletic functions as part of the Lace Up for Cancer campaign. On Sept. 28, students, faculty and staff were encouraged to “Go Gold,” dressing in the color and decorating gold hearts that were hung throughout the building. Later that evening, the fundraising continued at the school’s street fair. 

Nesaquake seventh-grader Sarah Schrier spearheaded the school’s effort as part of her Girl Scout project. Sarah also has some fellow classmates who were affected by the disease and wanted to raise awareness to support the cause. All of the school’s efforts tie into the district’s goals of social-emotional learning, empathy and citizenship. 

The school’s Parent-Teacher Association also participated in a districtwide effort to “whip pediatric cancer.” In total, the school raised approximately $400 for the cause.