Healthy Restaurant Open for Business

Healthy Restaurant Open for Business 1
Healthy Restaurant Open for Business2
Incoming second-graders in the district had the chance to run their own restaurant this summer. As part of the district’s Extended Year Program, the students in Richard Hurley’s class run their own mock restaurant to tie into their lessons and theme of Healthy Body, Healthy Minds. 

Prior to the restaurant’s “opening,” students learned about how the business works, the various jobs and healthy food choices. They also developed healthy, colorful menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner options, and priced out their menus. 

Each student in the class had his/her own job in the business. Some students assisted with table setup and food prep, while others served as cashiers and hosts. Wearing their aprons, students took orders, served food and prepared the bill for the guests. The lessons help teach sequence, job specialization and teamwork for running a successful restaurant.