Middle School Memories

Middle School Memories photo
Joe Stapleton has been a teacher in the Smithtown Central School District for more than 18 years, spending most of his career teaching sixth grade at Accompsett Middle School. Since his first year of teaching in 2000, Mr. Stapleton has encouraged students to bring in a picture to hang on his memory wall of photos. With each passing year, the collection of photos has grown around his classroom walls.

Over the years, he has amassed more than 1,000 student photos. “Many of the students come back to my class to see the younger version of themselves or a sibling, friend or neighbor,” Mr. Stapleton said. This helps him to reconnect with his former students. 

Some former students have even followed in Mr. Stapleton’s footsteps and found a career in education. This year, a couple of his former students have positions as a teacher assistant, coach and student-teacher in Smithtown Central School District.