Fifth-Graders Take Goldilocks to Trial

Fifth-Graders Take Goldilocks to Trialphoto

Fifth-graders at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School put Goldilocks on trial for the crimes of criminal mischief, trespassing and petty larceny on Jan. 29. More than a dozen witnesses were called to the stand to testify about what they saw happen at the home of the Three Little Bears.

Learning about the workings of the legal system, students played the part of the defense and prosecution, while the fourth-grade classes and teachers served as the jury and judge for the case.

The courtroom was filled with popular storybook characters who testified about their whereabouts on the day Goldilocks was charged with entering the Three Little Bears’ house, eating their porridge, breaking a chair, rummaging through Mama Bear’s clothes and stealing $100.

Characters such as Chicken Little, the Big Bad Wolf, the Three Blind Mice and the Wise Owl – as well as Goldilocks’ parents and cousin Dreadlocks – were all called to the stand. After hearing all the testimonies, the jury deliberated on its ruling and sentencing for Goldilocks.