A Human Connection

A Human Connection photo

A project created at Accompsett Middle School is showing how each member of its student body is special and unique. The Humans of AMS project aligns with the district’s social-emotional learning standards and is designed to show off the diverse experiences of the student population.

To start, Accompsett students write a few paragraphs featuring little-known facts about themselves. After their picture is taken, they get a sign featuring their photo and personal information paragraph. The signs are then hung around the library, hallways and cafeteria in an effort to learn about each other. 

Students also create short video segments about themselves. In addition, there’s a social media portion of the project on Instagram with its own account called Humans of AMS. 

“The overall goal is to teach the students acceptance of others,” said Accompsett Middle School Principal Paul McNeil. “This is a difficult goal to measure, but it is our hope that the students will come together to respect the differences of others.” So far, 55 students have participated in the project, which will be ongoing throughout the school year.