Challenge Day Ignites Change for Great Hollow Students

Challenge Day Ignites Change for Great Hollow Students photo

In support of the district’s social emotional learning efforts, seventh-graders at Great Hollow Middle School participated in Challenge Day, a full-day anti-bullying workshop during three different sessions on Jan. 8, 9 and 10.

The Challenge Day program is designed to build compassion using social-emotional techniques. Students and adults worked together in different trust building exercises throughout the day that help both parties generate a positive change using empathy and compassion. 

From sing-alongs to interactive exercises, students learned how to cope with issues such as bullying, harassment, teasing and peer pressure through different team building activities. The seventh-graders acquired strategies and techniques to bring to their different relationships with peers and adults.

The goal of the Challenge Day program is to build community, promote acceptance and embrace positive peer support. Seventh-graders at Accompsett Middle School and Nesaquake Middle School, as well as 10th-graders at High School East and High School West, will participate in the program later this year.