Student-Musicians Chosen for SCMEA Honors

Student-Musicians Chosen for SCMEA Honors
Smithtown student-musicians in grades 5-10 have been selected to represent the district in the annual Suffolk County Music Educators Association’s All-County Music Festival in March. The district congratulates the following students:

School Name Inst./Voice Part
Accompsett Middle Christopher Bosco Trumpet/Cornet
Accompsett Middle Patrick Burke Trombone
Accompsett Middle Grace Ferrante Bb Clarinet
Accompsett Middle Zachary Goldstein Alto Sax
Accompsett Middle Ryan Molloy French Horn
Accompsett Middle John Rotondo Baritone/Euph
Accompsett Middle Alexander Tylar Trumpet/Cornet
Accompsett Middle Mathew Verdu Trumpet/Cornet
Accompsett Middle Collin Wong Tuba/Sousaphone
Accompsett Middle Henri Buchet Violin
Accompsett Middle Hannah Evans Flute
Accompsett Middle Abigail Jung Violin
Accompsett Middle Steven Jung Viola
Accompsett Middle David Rubin Violin
Accompsett Middle Alison Tom Violin
Accompsett Middle Julia Tylar Bb Clarinet
Accompsett Middle Jaime Yoos Flute
Great Hollow Middle Christina Cho Bass Clarinet
Great Hollow Middle Amanda Mack Flute
Great Hollow Middle Erika Gehrling Children’s Voice
Great Hollow Middle Erika Hinson Soprano
Great Hollow Middle Lexi Lackmann Soprano
Great Hollow Middle Nina Nazarov Children's Voice
Great Hollow Middle Dylan Soto Alto
Great Hollow Middle Daniel Hwang Snare Drum
Great Hollow Middle Peter Kagiwada French Horn
Great Hollow Middle Leah Kelly Viola
Great Hollow Middle Aman Mistry Trombone
Great Hollow Middle Sanjivani Singh Violin
Great Hollow Middle Shriyans Singh Violin
Great Hollow Middle Jennifer Zhong Violin
Nesaquake Middle James Bryceland Trumpet/Cornet
Nesaquake Middle Adam Carnevale Baritone Sax
Nesaquake Middle Stephen Levin Baritone/Euph
Nesaquake Middle Ava McDevitt Flute
Nesaquake Middle Mia Campisi Soprano
Nesaquake Middle Shane DeCamp Baritone
Nesaquake Middle Alex Hartmann Baritone
Nesaquake Middle Kelsey Solomon Soprano
Nesaquake Middle Emily Lam Cello
Nesaquake Middle Julia Pena Double Bass
Nesaquake Middle Deven Ramchandran Violin
Nesaquake Middle Ella Raschdorf Violin
High School East Anthonio Colao Trombone
High School East Joseph DeGregory Snare Drum
High School East Brendan Dervan French Horn
High School East Christopher Dervan Bb Clarinet
High School East Jack Drago Baritone/Euph
High School East Andrew Hwang Tuba/Sousaphone
High School East Dakota Lehner Baritone Sax
High School East Austin McCutchen Trumpet/Cornet
High School East Chloe Springer French Horn
High School East Isabella Cuomo Soprano
High School East Trevor D'Amodio Tenor
High School East Jennifer Donohue Soprano
High School East Emily Femino Soprano
High School East Antonio Fondacaro Tenor
High School East Christopher Konopka Tenor
High School East Tyler DeSimone Snare Drum
High School East Isander Fernandez Double Bass
High School East Alexa Knee Bb Clarinet
High School East Gabriela Ostrowski Violin
High School East Jordan Raupp Cello
High School East Haiven Sellers Viola
High School West Justin Barnett Alto Sax
High School West Michaela Dugan Trumpet/Cornet
High School West Jiselle Inigo-Tolentino Trumpet/Cornet
High School West Sarah Negrin Trumpet/Cornet
High School West John Petti Bb Clarinet
High School West Carissa Philips Flute
High School West Maya Slavin Flute
High School West Dominic Gibbons Tenor
High School West Zachary Ketcham Tenor
High School West Colin Mattera Bass
High School West Aidan Shouler Bass
High School West Jason Suris Tenor
High School West Alexandra Tobin Soprano
High School West Andrew Burkert French Horn
High School West Hailey Cinquemani Snare Drum
High School West Michael Corcoran Bassoon
High School West Michael Golub Trumpet/Cornet
High School West Dylan Kattou Double Bass
High School West Stephanie Lin Violin
High School West Ashley Sieloff Violin
High School West Richard Tylar Trombone
St. James Elementary Anna Femino Children's Voice
St. James Elementary Madison Molloy Children's Voice
St. James Elementary Belle Thompson Children's Voice
St. James Elementary Sophia Trivigno Children's Voice