A Hands-On Beach Cleanup

A Hands-On Beach Cleanup photo

As part of a hands-on Project Lead the Way activity, sixth-graders in Sean Tomasello’s technology class at Nesaquake Middle School were tasked with cleaning up an oil spill.

After learning about the affects of an oil spill to oceans, wildlife, coastal ecosystem and local economies, the students were given the complex task of oil spill cleanup. They learned about the different methods used by petroleum companies and chemical engineers, such as detergent, clumping and containment booms. Students prepared their mockup of a beach and ocean in a clear plastic container and then spilled the oil into their container. Working in teams, they were responsible for removing the oil as efficiently as possible without disturbing the ecosystem and the surrounding wildlife. 

Students learned about the responsibilities of cleaning up the spill, the most effective methods and the potential problems that could be caused by the cleanup.