Mills Pond Students Travel Back in Time

Mills Pond Students Travel Back in Time pic

Second-graders in Barbara Haining’s class at Mills Pond Elementary School traveled back in time to celebrate Thanksgiving like communities from long ago on Nov. 21.

The students have been learning about communities from different centuries and comparing them to communities today. Via pictures and discussions, the students have been comparing schools, the cost of living, changes in transportation, and rural and urban communities.

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the second-graders started their day by making their own pancakes. Using the skills learned in their recent math-measuring unit, they mixed the ingredients to make pancakes. Next, they made their own butter to top their pancakes using heavy cream. 

After feasting on their homemade breakfast, the students each created their own slate board to practice spelling their words of the week using chalk like the children would have done hundreds of years ago. Toys from long ago were also very different and the students made a ball and cup toy.