It’s Crunch Time at Dogwood

It’s Crunch Time at Dogwood photo

Dogwood Elementary School participated in the Big Apple Crunch on Oct. 19. Throughout the day, students learned different apple facts, graphed their favorite color apples, and learned about the healthy benefits of the apples. As a school, Dogwood Elementary crunched on 292 red apples, 74 green apples, seven yellow apples and 28 multicolored apples, for a total of 401 apples.

The Big Apple Crunch was created in 2012 by nonprofit GrowNYC in partnership with the New York Office of Food Policy to celebrate Food Day in New York City. Since then, the Big Apple Crunch has grown into a statewide event where participants take a bite out of a New York apple to raise awareness about the importance of supporting local New York farmers, creating better access to fresh fruits and vegetables and making it more affordable to eat fresh, local food.