Celebrating Unity, Peace at Mills Pond

Celebrating Unity, Peace at Mills Pond photo

Mills Pond Elementary School recognized Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday by engaging and promoting a week full of peaceful activities from Oct. 2 organized by the school’s Shanti Fund committee.

To start the week, each classroom took a pledge of nonviolence. During morning announcements, fourth-grade students read a peace quote and also displayed quotes on the easel in the lobby. On Oct. 2, all students were asked to bring in a special small rock to decorate with a peaceful message to be placed in the school’s rock garden.

Each class crafted a colored lantern, labeled with different words about what peace means to them on Oct. 3. Lanterns were displayed in each of the classes throughout the building. Activities on Oct. 4 included reading, analyzing and commenting on thoughts of peace leaders from around the world.  

On Oct. 5, Mills Pond students dressed in blue and white and participated in an outdoor peace walk together. There was also a run for peace during respective physical education classes. To close out the week, students dressed in Mills Pond spirit wear or peace symbols/words to show their school unity in standing together for peace.