Make It a Venti

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Sixth-graders in Michelle Labuski’s class at Great Hollow Middle School recently visited “Starbooks,” a library café where they could sample different books.

With the assistance of Great Hollow librarian Sheila Cavooris and library teaching assistant Linda McCann, students selected a book to read for their accountable independent reading. The theme for the first quarter is “overcoming obstacles.” Ms. Cavooris pulled titles in various reading levels to match the theme.  

Ms. Labuski made a worksheet that listed the books, ingredients (summary), caffeine level (grande, venti, etc. for approximate grade level), and craving (tea cup, mug, thermos) for students to select how interested they were in the book.

The coffee cups were numbered and students rotated from book to book to read the summary and determine if they liked it. When they were done, the sixth-graders received a coffee stirrer with their name on it to put in the cup of the book they wanted to read.