Student-Photographer Adds Unique Beauty to School

Student-Photographer Adds Unique Beauty to School Pic
Zoe Richman, an eighth-grader at Accompsett Middle School, is using her keen eye for photography to brighten up the hallways of her school.

Richman’s love of photography prompted her to show some of the photos on her cellphone to her art teacher last year, Jennifer Kapps-Fleming. Working with her teacher, Richman took still-life photos of different objects found in the elective rooms in the school.
After photographing and editing the photos, Richman met with the teachers so they could choose the photo that best represented their classrooms. The pictures are now permanently framed installations featured outside of each class, to add beauty to the school in a unique way and also help students identify classrooms. For example, the art room features a photo of colored pencils and paint, while the chorus room highlights piano keys.

Richman’s photos can be found outside the home and career, technology, music, art, band rooms and more. This school year, she plans to start phase two of the project, photographing the core classes throughout the building.