Students Make Summer Connections

Students Make Summer Connections Photo

In keeping with its social-emotional learning initiatives, the district is helping its middle school students stay focused and prepare for the upcoming school year during the summer months with its Middle School CAMP (Character Academics Mindset Preparedness) program housed at Accompsett Middle School in July.

Approximately 60 students in grades 7-9 participate in the three-day-a-week program, which aims to educate the whole student by connecting the mind and body. The groups do a quick mindfulness check in at the start and end of each day. Working in core groups, students rotate through different classes in an effort to build their academic, creative, social and emotional skill sets. 

In the movement class, students learn mindfulness, how to self-regulate by connecting their mind and body and how to link their attitudes to their academics. Students learn about real food vs. non-real food and how to connect what they are eating to how they are feeling during the nutrition class. 

They also use musical instruments as a way to express themselves. Academically, each group takes part in a daily Genius Hour, a project-based learning initiative that allows students to explore their passions and encourages creativity. The HeartMath class teaches students how to use their breathing to regulate their thinking and emotions and how they can apply those skills in everyday situations.