Tackan Students Learn Hands-On Fire Safety Lessons

Tackan Students Learn Hands-On Fire Safety Lessons Photo

Volunteer members of the Nesconset Fire Department visited with students at Tackan Elementary School to demonstrate some hands-on fire safety lessons on June 8.

Fire department members brought a fire truck, ambulance and a smoke house to give students the opportunity to learn about fire safety first hand. Students were able to board the ambulance in small groups and learn about the different tools inside to help people and when to call an ambulance in an emergency situation.

Tackan students also learned about the different functions of the fire truck, what to do if there’s a fire in their home and how to get out safely while also allowing the firemen to do their jobs. They also got to use the fire hose and take turns being firemen. 

In the smokehouse, students had a hands-on lesson in fire safety, learning how to react in a real emergency situation and get out safely.