Mentor Program at AMS Fosters Friendships

Mentor Program at AMS Fosters Friendships Photo
The mentor program at Accompsett Middle School brings together English Language Learners and English-speaking students to create and foster friendships and integration into the school and community, while helping the ENL students learn English as well.

As their year together is coming to a close, the seventh-graders in the program joined with their buddies for a game of charades on May 30 during their lunch periods.

This program meets formally once a month, but outside of the arranged meetings, students are encouraged to work cooperatively in their classes and spend time together in lunch. The mentors in the program learn about different cultures, and the program helps to increase their self-confidence and social skills. For the ENL students, the program is a perfect way to welcome them to the school community by fostering ongoing friendships with their mentor buddies.