Animal Rescue Visit Sparks Student Initiative

Animal Rescue Visit Sparks Student Initiative Photo
Animal Rescue Visit Sparks Student Initiative Photo 2

Seventh-graders at Nesaquake Middle School learned firsthand about animal rescue and what they can do in their own communities when Stephen Edghill from Animal Planet’s show Guardians of Rescue visited the school on May 1.

The Guardians of Rescue organization works on Long Island and surrounding areas to help animals that may be neglected or abused. Edghill spoke to the students about how they can educate people on caring for their pets and how they can get the word out in their communities.

Nesaquake Middle School students work on the Genius Hour, which allows them one hour per week during school to explore their passions and encourages creativity. Students in Marissa LoSardo’s seventh-grade English class are currently working on an empathy project and many students chose animal shelters to support. After a question and answer session following Edghill’s presentation, the students felt empowered to spark a conversation and help make a change.