Using Their Brains

Using Their Brains Photo 1
Using Their Brains Photo 2
Students in the Neuroscience Axis Club from Stony Brook University visited High School West as part of Brain Awareness Week on March 17. The club spoke to students in Michael Cone’s Advanced Placement psychology class. 

Two former Smithtown students – Alexander Walsh and Stephanie Twomey – came as representatives of the Neuroscience Axis Club. During their visit, the Stony Brook students demonstrated human-to-human interface where the muscles of one student were used to conduct electrical current to move the muscles of a second student. This technology holds great promise for amputee patients with prosthetics. 

 BAW is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Every March, BAW unites the efforts of partner organizations worldwide in a celebration of the brain for people of all ages.