Makerspace Gets Creative

Makerspace Photo
Thanks to a donation from the Class of 2016 and some library funds, HSW now has a Makerspace. A Makerspace is a place for students to gather, create, collaborate, innovate, and learn new or real world skills. With the recent focus on testing and accountability, students are craving a place to de-stress. They also desire a place to try something new, where they don't need to be afraid of failure. Librarian Catherine Masrour says that "to be successful in the real world, students need to try new things and persist even when they fail." This Makerspace is a great place for students to get that real world experience.

In the West Makerspace, students can build with Legos, K'nex, and Keva planks. There are also art and craft supplies readily available. In addition, students are welcome to play a board game, do a puzzle, or build robots during their free periods. Socialization, cooperation, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity are all central to the Makerspace movement. Stop by and check out our new Makerspace.