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Author Todd Strasser visited Accompsett Middle School on Jan. 11. Mr. Strasser met with all sixth-grade students in the auditorium for a presentation on his work as an author. As a middle school student, Mr. Strasser struggled with spelling and grammar. He overcame these obstacles with hard work and went on to study literature and writing in college. The Accompsett students found Mr. Strasser’s presentation informative, entertaining and inspiring.

After the assembly, Mr. Strasser held writer’s workshops in the library. The small group workshops focused on the theme, “Show, Don’t Tell.” Mr. Strasser worked with students on using sensory writing to tell a story using words that involve the senses. For example, rather than telling the reader that it is winter, the students described the falling snow or hanging icicles. By creating a picture for your reader, an author never has to actually state that it is winter. Mr. Strasser prompted students to write their own description of a particular season, asking them to not only share what they see, but also what they might hear, feel or smell. The students were eager to share their writing with the group, and Mr. Strasser provided valuable feedback. The program was sponsored by the PTA and the Cultural Arts Committee