Outdoor Learning Offers Multiple Lessons


Seventh-grade science classes at Great Hollow spent the day participating in hands-on studies during an outdoor, interdisciplinary nature field trip on Nov. 1.

The seventh-graders walked as a group to Charles P. Toner Park. Students were instructed to complete multiple interdisciplinary stations outdoors. All the stations incorporated nature, using the senses, and allowed students to spend an entire day to appreciate the nature in their hometown. The students hiked up a fitness trail, taking temperature readings at six different experimental stations. They used a compass to find four different mystery locations throughout the park.  Students used their math skills to determine the age of a tree and wrote poetry about the nature around them.

Taking their learning indoors, students walked to the Smithtown Public Library in Nesconset. Great Hollow’s librarian worked with the Smithtown Public Library’s teen librarian to create a library-themed nature escape room.