Dogwood Students Tend to Sick Stuffed Animals


Kindergartners at Dogwood brought their stuffed animals to school for a checkup on Oct. 11 as part of an interactive workshop presented by Stony Brook University Hospital.
In an effort to dispel some of the fear and apprehension associated with doctors and hospitals, the students learned to perform proper medical treatments on a “sick” stuffed animal or doll they had brought in from home.

After visiting the waiting room, the students worked to diagnose their stuffed companions; first checking their weight and temperature before applying bandages and dispensing proper medicines based on their conditions. The students each performed different job functions, such as doctor, nurse, receptionist or pharmacist, throughout the workshop.

Erin Zazzera, pediatric trauma coordinator at Stony Brook University Hospital, and Stony Brook University Hospital nursing students, also spoke to the classes about keeping safe in the car, wearing seatbelts and using booster seats, and wearing a helmet for sporting activities.