Rotary Club Recognizes HSE and HSW Students

Fourteen students from High Schools East and West were presented with awards from the Rotary Club of Smithtown on May 12.

Each guidance counselor selected a student for recognition based their character, morals and ability to overcome obstacles. “Each of these students has shown great improvement during their time in Smithtown schools,” said Michael Aleci, assistant principal at High School East. “They have overcome roadblocks, shown their dedication to improving themselves and have all become a success. It is truly an honor to recognize them.”

After enjoying a breakfast together, each of the 14 guidance counselors from both schools took to the stage to speak about their honoree and why they were chosen. The following students were award receipients: High School East – Rosalie Zack, Ashley McGuigan, Paige Hurst, Peter Cardenas, Brandon Byrne, Frances Sanzone and Brian Kuhnel. High School West – Aaron Kelly, Christian Herdigein, Angela Mayleas, Robert Belloise, Cristian Ruiz, Mazen Elzbik and Madison Wurm.