District Offers Learning Opportunity for Singapore Educators

Educators from Singapore visited the district on April 19 to learn how it is planting the seeds of Universal Design for Learning and how it is implementing UDL principles within instruction at a variety of grade levels.

The visitors met with the district’s special education/UDL instructional coach Elizabeth Stein to better understand how they are embedding UDL in the district. They began their tour at Accompsett Middle and then traveled to High School West to see differentiated instruction through UDL in a 10th-grade social studies classroom. The group finished at Accompsett Elementary with a visit to a fifth-grade special class setting followed by a fifth-grade co-teaching classroom.

Universal Design for Learning is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn. It provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials and assessments that can be customized and adjusted for individual needs.