Tackan’s Savvy Investors

Five Tackan students placed first in their region in the Stock Market Game. Fifth-graders Leana Arcese, Caitlyn McGann, Kathleen Olsen, Chris Trebing and Cameron West in Danielle Anderson’s and Caitlin Campbell’s classes took the top spot against 123 fifth- through eighth-graders, winning by more than $9,000. The team also placed sixth overall out of 953 fifth- through 12th-graders.

The Stock Market Game is a 10-week program that explores the fundamentals of personal finance and investing. Students worked in teams to build and manage an investment portfolio in a real-world, dynamic marketplace. They were given a simulation of $100,000 to invest, analyze and make critical decisions on how to gain the most equity in the short timeframe.

Students learned what stocks were and how to analyze the markets’ gains and losses using various financial websites. They developed an understanding of economics through creating an investment portfolio. Each week, the teams would check their account holdings and decide to buy, sell or maintain their investments.