Hospital Exhibit Features East Artists

Smithtown art students recently collaborated with St. Catherine of Siena Hospital to create artwork that reflected hope and healing for both patients and visitors.

Digital Media Art students from Diane Shanian’s foundation art class at High School East were asked to design a photo montage using their own photos, while editing and composing in Adobe Photoshop. These digital paintings were printed on acrylic to enhance the beautiful colors, and are on display outside the surgical unit at Saint Catherine of Siena Hospital.

Painting One art students from Ms. Shanian’s art class at HSE were given the challenge to arrive at a visual solution that centered on the Industrial Revolution in the form of a single painting or diptych. After doing research on this period in time, followed by several sketches, each artist arrived at a unique composition. These diverse and interesting acrylic paintings are on exhibit at Saint Catherine of Siena Hospital in a tunnel-like hallway.

The student-artists and their families celebrated their works at a ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 2 at the hospital.