National School Social Work Week

To recognize National School Social Work Week from March 6-12, Dr. Allyn Leeds, acting assistant superintendent for pupil and personnel services, Ingrid Hrvatin, administrator for guidance and student related services and the building principals took the opportunity to thank the school social workers for all the hard work they do every day to support the needs of students and parents in the Smithtown School District.

Smithtown High School West: Stephen Ginsberg
and Stephanie McKinney
Smithtown High School West & Tackan Elementary: Krystna Reckner
Great Hollow Middle School: Debra Cleveland
Branch Brook Elementary and Mills Pond Elementary: Linda Donohue
Accompsett Elementary and Mt. Pleasant Elementary: Alyssa Granice
Nesaquake Middle School: Frank Grieco
Smithtown Elementary: Alana Klipper
Smithtown High School East: Jeremy Melnick
Dogwood Elementary and St. James Elementary: Stefani Sellitto
Accompsett Middle School: Carrie Taibi
Smithtown East & PNP: Janet LoBiondo