American’s VetDog Visit

Nesaquake will be visited by representatives from America's VetDogs, a sister organization of the Guide Dog Foundation, located in Smithtown, on Jan. 19 America's VetDogs is a not-for-profit organization that provides disabled veterans and first responders with service dogs that help provide independence, enhanced mobility and companionship. VetDogs assist veterans or first responders with physical disabilities and those with hearing or vision loss. In addition, VetDogs provide emotional and physical support for veterans and first responders diagnosed with PTSD.

Headed up by Matthew Redlein, a seventh-grader at Nesaquake, along with support from the Seventh Grade Activities Club, Nesaquake will be holding several fundraisers with the goal of sponsoring a VetDog puppy. As a puppy sponsor, Nesaquake will be given the right to name a puppy in the America’s VetDog program, as well as be updated on the puppy's progress as it is raised and trained to become a service dog. Help us reach our goal by participating in our fundraisers or by donating to this cause. Contact Kimberly Richardson, school counselor, with any questions at and stay tuned for further announcements and information.

In addition, donations can be made to America’s VetDogs through the link listed below. All donations made through this link will assist Nesaquake in reaching its goal of sponsoring and naming a VetDog puppy.

VetDog Fundraiser Link -- Click Here