‘Band’-ing Together During Challenging Times

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When High School West sophomore Jensen Herbst heard that doctors and nurses were experiencing severe pain from wearing surgical masks for their 12-hour shifts, she decided to do something about it. She read that a small piece of plastic called a surgical mask tension release band could help alleviate the pain. The bands have hooks that hold the strings of the mask and remove the pressure from behind the wearer’s ears.

Herbst was able to find a 3D printing file that was posted on the National Institute of Health website and got to work. During the last week, she printed 65 bands that she delivered to Stony Brook Hospital.

“Printing these bands has given me motivation during these challenging times,” she said. Her next plan of action is to begin printing face shields. High School West science research coordinator Dr. Joanne Figueiredo said, “what Jensen is doing is just one example of the many ways that our amazing students are helping others during this difficult period.”