East’s Journalists Take the Lead

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Students in Joseph Sagarese’s journalism and media literacy class at High School East are learning all the basic roles of journalists during their class time. Each student has the opportunity to write, edit and layout articles for the school’s quarterly newspaper “The Matador.”
Students have the opportunity to pitch articles that interest them and are responsible for generating a minimum of four stories per quarter plus website content. After articles are submitted, most of the work –such as editing and layout – becomes student-centered, Mr. Sagarese said. 
“Students are learning how to write objectively and with purpose in addition to learning the basic mechanics of journalism,” he said. Based on their areas of interest, students gravitate toward different positions in the journalism field such as proofing, editing, layout and design.
Students have the opportunity to work together in editing tables, where submitted articles are discussed and edited by the students and revisiting their articles if needed. In the coming months, the class will be moving to a multimedia approach, incorporating video and video production skills into their work. “This is hands-on real-world learning that the students can take with them as they move to college and beyond,” Mr. Sagarese said. “It gives them the tools to work in different areas of journalism but also gives them a good idea if this is a career path they want to pursue moving forward.”