AMS Students Know ‘It’s Cool to Read’

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Accompsett Middle School’s literacy committee hosted “Cool to Read” week from Feb. 10-14. The goal was to promote literacy through reading, writing and thinking skills in all content areas through a variety of activities and raise students’ awareness of the importance of reading every day.
During their ELA classes, students completed a book review. Students were encouraged to create a digital trailer, standard book review or a video review.  Students also created bookmarks based on a book they have read. 
Teachers submitted the name of their favorite book or a book they are currently reading. The Community Service Club created laminated book covers that teachers displayed on their classroom doors for the week. The Community Service Club also  organized a book drive to be donated to Reading Reflections. In the cafeteria, students were challenged to guess the name of books based on clues presented, such as quotes, pictures, genre, etc. 
Each day featured new reading activities. On Feb. 12, the students had to 
 “stop, drop, and read” for 15-20 minutes at the end of their ELA period. On Feb. 13, students were encouraged to wear a shirt that can be read. On Valentine’s Day, students and faculty created “conversational hearts” to display quotes they love from literature.