Board of Education Honors Science Olympiad Students

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The Board of Education and central administrators honored the members of the High School West Science Olympiad team during the Feb. 25 board of education meeting. 
The Science Olympiad team is comprised of 33 students that make up two teams of 15 with three alternates. The team is coached by Alyssa Marron and Catherine Abbott.
During their meetings, the students prepare for events for the regional competition. Some of these events include testing of knowledge in specific fields, inquiry labs (such as a chemistry titration) and building. This year’s building event was for a gravity vehicle and a ping pong parachute. For these events, students must build within the criteria and constraints presented to them and test the performance of their project.
Some highlights from the regional competition include:
Ninth place school overall for the A team 
10th place team overall for the A team
First place: Write It, Do It (Matt Supa and Vanessa Matthew)
Fourth place: Astronomy (Ivan Liu and Henna Chaudhry)
Sixth place: Experimental Design (Carolyn Qu, Sidney Padmanaban and Fiona Needham)
Sixth place: Designer Genes (Sidney and Fiona)
Ninth place: Write It, Do It (Sidney and Fiona)
Ninth place: Geological Mapping (Brett Carnival and Rehan Mian)
Ninth place: Code Busters (Carolyn, Maddie Raeihle and Fiona)