Special Guest Author Visits St. James

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St. James Elementary School welcomed a very special author for a visit and read aloud. Bill Kiley, a first time author of the children’s book “Hope and Freckles,” visited with the fourth grade classes and one special student, his granddaughter Keira, in Mrs. Dennis’ class.
The story, about a deer and her fawn, offers a perspective to readers about immigration in country. Due to dangers and lack of food, the two deer need to flee their forest in search of a better place to live. Mr. Kiley hopes the book will prompt readers to explore the stories of people throughout the world who had to leave their homes and face the same challenges his characters face as refugees. 
Mr. Kiley spoke to the students about the writing, editing and illustration processes. He then did a read aloud of the book, followed by a question-and-answer session.