Tackan Kindergartners Take Care of Teddy

Tackan Kindergartners Take Care of Teddy photo thumbnail161934

Dressed in their surgical masks, caps and gloves, the kindergarten students at Tackan Elementary School played doctor to their stuffed animals during teddy bear clinic.

In an effort to ease the anxiety of doctors, nurses and hospitals, representatives from Stony Brook Children’s Hospital visited with the kindergartners and gave them the opportunity to take on the role of caregiver.

The students learned about safety both in the car and when they are doing activities, such as bike riding, skateboarding and riding their scooter. They learned about injury prevention and the importance of keeping safe in the car. 

After their safety lesson, the students worked as doctors and nurses for their injured stuffed animals, helping to diagnose their ailment, treat and bandage their wounds and providing after-care instructions.