Staff, Students Honored During BOE Meeting

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The district’s Board of Education and administration recognized and honored accomplishments of its students and staff during the Dec. 10 meeting.

On Nov. 20, Great Hollow Middle School experienced an emergency incident when a student was choking in the cafeteria. The board recognized the efforts of staff and the students’ classmates during the emergency. The Unsung Hero award was presented to: Concetta Gallagher (building aide); Thomas Bruckbauer (security guard); Mary Ellen Guida (nurse); Donna Brodsky (nurse); Michael Cestaro (assistant principal); Anthony Vecchiollo (security guard); Joe Kelleher (security guard) and students Jordan Feinne and Giovanni Aliperit.

Director of athletics and physical education Patrick Smith presented members of the swimming and diving team. Many of the student-athletes achieved All-State and All-County honors. They are: Hayley Beutel, Sofia Burns, Olivia Eterno, Erin Holler, Saige Kazlauskas, Makayla Lee, Marissa Lee, Morgan Lee and Leah Treglia,

Career and technical education director Christine LoFrese spoke about the winning team in this year’s annual Business Olympics, where more than 200 students competed. The winning team was William Alptekin, Mark Kyranakis and Luke Muratore.

High School East art teacher Timothy Needles introduced the Shanti Fund art contest winner Nethmi Withanage. Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Jennifer Bradshaw spoke about the district’ most recent master teacher, High School West science teacher Kimberly Williams. She was joined by the district’s fellow master teacher to offer words of encouragement and congratulations.