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  • Discovery Tanks photo
    Discovery Tanks New!
    First-graders at St. James Elementary School had fish tanks set up in their rooms to replicate an ecosystem. The tanks have been populated with local fish to allow the students to study the local marine wildlife and how they each play a part in the ecosystem. Read Full Story >
  • Mills Pond Samples a Taste of Mexico photo
    Mills Pond Samples a Taste of Mexico New!
    Fifth-grade students in Diana Lanze’s class at Mills Pond Elementary School spent May 21 engaged in different activities about Mexico. The students analyzed a map of Mexico to answer questions about its geography. They also read a menu from local restaurant Cabo Fresh to solve real-world math problems involving calculating a subtotal, tip and tax. The students read an article and answered questions about border issues between the United States and Mexico. The class sampled empanadas,... Read Full Story >
  • Science Detectives Spy Clues at Tackan photo
    Science Detectives Spy Clues at Tackan  New!
    Fifth-graders at Tackan Elementary School became real-life science detectives as part of a hands-on lesson provided by Mad Science of Long Island on May 29. The students stepped into the role of detective and learned how forensic science is used to solve crimes. The students analyzed a crime scene, identified objects found at the scene and used their observation skills to help solve a crime. During the hands-on portion of the program, the fifth-graders created and analyzed fingerprints and... Read Full Story >
  • Famous Faces Found at Dogwood’s Wax Museum photo
    Famous Faces Found at Dogwood’s Wax Museum New!
    Historical figures came to life in the cafeteria at Dogwood Elementary School when Danielle Neri’s class held their fifth-grade class wax museum on May 22. During the last three months, the students did a biography study. Each student researched a historical figure of interest and created a research report, Google slideshow, poetry, and a portrait of their historical figure. As a culminating activity, the fifth-graders participated in a living wax museum. The students dressed like... Read Full Story >

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