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  • Third Graders Get Hands-On Building Simple Machines photo
    Third Graders Get Hands-On Building Simple Machines  New!
    Third graders in Ms. Beard’s class at Tackan Elementary School are learning how to create simple machines during a hands-on Project Lead the Way lesson on Jan. 7. Using Vex kits and working in small groups, the students are working on a unit on stability and motion. During the lesson on simple machines and forces, the students had to find all the parts in the kit and then follow step-by-step instructions on the iPad to complete the build. Read Full Story >
  • East Students Learn Engineering, Building
    East Students Learn Engineering, Building  New!
    High School East students in Dave Savage’s design and drawing for production class recently finished a trebuchet design project. The students were tasked with going through the engineering design process to design, build and test their own trebuchet, a type of catapult. Read Full Story >
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    Hands-On Art Museum at Mt. Pleasant
    Before the holiday break at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, Mr. Ciavarella’s fifth grade class played host to Mrs. Amato’s kindergarten class to show the younger students that art is a subject that can be interactive as well something to take delight in visually. Some of the activities facilitated by the fifth graders included: kindergartners made geometric patterns while learning about Kandinsky; kindergartners created simple pointillist works while observing Seurat; and the fifth... Read Full Story >
  • Students Step in Snow Globe at St. James photo
    Students Step in Snow Globe at St. James
    The fourth graders at St. James Elementary School made snow globes to bring home for the holiday break with photos of themselves featured inside. The mason jars, filled with water, glitter and a photo of each student, were created by each of the students. The fourth graders also created holiday cards to be delivered to the local nursing home to brighten the day of the residents. Read Full Story >

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