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  • Robotics Team Offers Virtual Lesson  Photo
    Robotics Team Offers Virtual Lesson  New!
    The district’s robotics team met virtually on March 18 with fifth graders in Ms. Spata’s class at Tackan Elementary School. The team presented the exciting world of FIRST robotics, with the hopes of inspiring them to pursue STEM throughout their future school careers. The students were introduced to topics such as autonomous programming, the design process and building concepts. The team also showcased their current and past robots and answered the many questions students had about... Read Full Story >
  • West Newspaper Editor Recognized
    West Newspaper Editor Recognized New!
    Adelphi University recently held its annual Press Day for students who aspire to pursue careers in the media. During the annual event, held virtually this year, the college also hold its Quill Awards ceremony for the best of the best in nine different categories. This year, High School West’s editor-in-chief of the Bull’s Eye Sarah Finkelstein won third place for Best Arts Review. She is pictured with High School West Assistant Principal Annemarie Freund and High School West... Read Full Story >
  • College Marketing Gets Creative with Cookies
    College Marketing Gets Creative with Cookies
    Students in Cindy Wood’s college marketing class at High School West recently celebrated National Oreo Day with a lesson tied to the product. The students sampled all the new branded flavors of Oreos. They then had to create their own packaging and design of a new Oreo flavor. Some of this year’s unique flavors include matcha, Doritos and green apple. Read Full Story >
  • Studying the Food Chain Virtually
    Studying the Food Chain Virtually
    The fourth grade students at Accompsett Elementary School participated in a virtual learning experience thanks to a remote lesson with SCOPE educator John Shiels. The food web program, sponsored by the Parent-Teacher Association’s Cultural Arts program, taught students about the food chain using real life pond samples that contained plankton. While the lessons went virtual this year, the students still had the opportunity to observe a microscopic ecosystem of a water droplet and identify... Read Full Story >

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