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  • Putting Newton’s Law to the Test photo
    Putting Newton’s Law to the Test New!
    Eighth-graders in Katerina Skandalakis’ science class at Great Hollow Middle School tested Newton’s First Law of Motion – an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force – during a hands-on station demonstration lab on Oct. 4. With more than a dozen different stations, students rotated around the room and recorded their findings about how the different laws of motion worked. Some of the many hands-on... Read Full Story >
  • Experimenting with Egg Osmosis photo
    Experimenting with Egg Osmosis
    Seventh-grade student-scientists in Jessica D’Angelo’s class at Great Hollow Middle School are learning about diffusion and osmosis by experimenting on eggs. During the course of three days, the students performed procedures to see how water molecules diffuse across an egg’s membrane in different solutions. The students started by placing an egg in a beaker and covering it in vinegar for 24 hours. After recording how the shell of the egg dissolved, the students put the eggs... Read Full Story >
  • FCCLA Club Goes Gold to Support Childhood Cancer photo
    FCCLA Club Goes Gold to Support Childhood Cancer
    Members of High School East’s Future Community and Career Leaders of America Club participated in a “Go Gold” campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The club sold gold laces to students and staff as well as gold hearts, which were displayed in the commons area. They also had a “Go Gold” day where staff and students wore gold. The club raised $813, which will be donated to two charities – Lace It Up for Cancer and Whip Pediatric Cancer. Read Full Story >
  • Swimmers Support Cancer Research photo
    Swimmers Support Cancer Research
    The High School East/West combined girls swimming team recently raised approximately $9,000 for cancer research by participating in Swim Across America. Joined by the girls swimming team from Harborfields High School, the athletes raised money for the Nassau/Suffolk chapter of the organization. Proceeds from the swim will support immunotherapy research at the Swim Across America Laboratory at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, lung cancer clinical trials at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,... Read Full Story >

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